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How long does a perm service require for an appointment?
Depending upon the length and thickness or your hair, this hair service can require anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours.

What is the difference between a perm and a body wave?
The difference between a body wave and a perm is the size of the curl desired which determines the size of the rod and the type of wrap to be performed.

After a perm, how do I dry my hair?
Always use low heat with the least amount of air flow. Whenever possible air dry ans scrunch.

I want my locks to be as healthy and silky as possible. How can I prep my hair for a perm?
Yes and No. You should never perform any services to your hair prior to a perm. These types of treatments are best left to the professionals. If done
incorrectly or if the wrong products are used, you can cause premature loosening to your perm. It could also cause undesirable results in your perm/wave.
There are two types of treatments that greatly enhance the health and beauty of a perm.
1.There is an in salon treatment that can prepare your hair for a perm. It is a two step protein and moisturizing treatment. These treatments can be done in
the salon for $20. This treatment should be done between 2-4 days prior to the perm but should never be done withing 24 hours of receiving a perm.
2. Keratin curls- New technology allows us to add keratin back into the hair during the perm process, leaving your wavy locks in healthy condition.

How long does a perm last?
A perm will generally last about 3-5 months depending upon the size of rod chosen and hair cut style hat you wear.

I heard that a perm or body wave will it help my curling iron curls last longer. Is this true?
Yes, this is true. You will also need to curl less of your hair to get the same effect.

What post-perm care items are need?
  • Perms require ammonium-based shampoos. Products that are not specifically designed for permed hair may dry out or over stress our
  • A leave in conditioner. This type of conditioning will leave your locks shiny and as frizz free as possible without relaxing your curl/wave or weighing it
  • Specific styling products for permed hair. These styling products keep the curl from separating though out the day. They provide a lightweight hold
    without leaving your curls/waves "crunchy" looking, "spaghetti strings"or too frizzy.
  • You may also need a defuser for your hair dryer. If your lifestyle does not allow time for air drying of your hair, you will need to use a blow dryer, in
    separate, then causing the curls to frizz.
  • You will need a wide toothed comb. You have no need for a brush anymore, so u them away. A brush will separate the curl and leave you with
    massive amount of frizz not to mention it will only relax your curl/wave also leaving your hair in a frizzy state.

What types of perms do you offer?
  • BEACH LOCKS- This is a very loose wave typically lasting 2-3 months depending upon the length of the hair and the hair cut chosen etc...
  • TRADITIONAL PERMS- This is a tighter curl that can be performed on a number of different sized rods to achieve the desired look. Typically lasts 3-
    5 months depending upon  the length of the hair etc...
  • SPIRAL PERMS- This is more of  a "ringlet" type of curl. It is a completely different type of wrapping method. Typically lasts 3-5 months depending
    upon the length of the hair etc...
  • BODY WAVES- This is a medium sized curl and it typically lasts 2-3 months depending upon the length of the hair and the hair cut chosen.

I love curls and I already have curly hair, but it is not a uniform curl throughout my hair. Can curly hair be permed?
Yes, absolutely. If your hair has an irregular curl pattern or is not a uniform curl, a perm is the answer for you.

Can you perm my hair straight?
Perming you hair straight is never a good option for many reasons. Perms require a certain amount of consistent and even tension through out  
processing. With technology today, there are more healthy and effective options for achieving straight hair. See
Keratin Smoothing or Permanent hair

Should I cut my hair before or after the perm?
You want to wait until after the perm is done before getting a hair cut. The curl will pull that hair up giving it a shorter appearance. You always want to see
how much your curl will pull your hair up before cutting anything off.

Will I need a haircut after my perm?
A haircut after a perm is always recommended. Your current hair cut may not be particularly suitable for curls. A good hair shaping allows the hair to be
reshaped to match the type of perm you have chosen. Many clients prefer to have this done a week or so after the perm/wave. This allows the hair to
"settle  in" and keeps the tension off of the newly perm/waved hair while the bonds continue to reform. The least amount of tension applied to the hair after
the perm prevent premature loosening of the perm/wave.

Can colored hair safely be permed?
Yes, but this is not the case for everyone. The answer is different for every person. There are several different factors to take into consideration. This
answer can only be given upon a consultation. The stylist must first see the condition of the hair in person. A pre-perm treatment may be required.  A free
consultation can be scheduled by calling 832-2240.

Can perms or waves be performed on children?
A child's hair has not completely keratinized until well after puberty. Keratinized hair is necessary to achieve any curl or longevity of the perm. The results of
a perm are not guaranteed by the
salon unless the child is at least 14 years of age. If a child's hair has not yet keratinized, the results of the perm can last
anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. Again, because of this,  the
salon will not guarantee results of a perm on a child less than 14 years of age. Also the
chemicals used in the perm/wave process are to be used with the utmost of care. The
salon will not perm any child's hair who can' t remain still or who
can't  follow directions during the process. It is a rather lengthly process and there are serious chemicals involved and should be respected as such. A
restless child or a child unable to follow directions throughout the process equals danger. If the child is unable to finish the perming due to restlessness
the service will cease and a sitting fee will be charged for the stylists time used. The sitting fee rate is $45 per hour with a one hour minimum. Proof of
child's age must be provided to the salon VIA child's original birth certificate prior to the scheduling f the service.

I would like to bring my own perm with me. Do beauty salons use store perms?
Although we can't speak for all salons, we can speak for our own. The answer is no. Our hair stylists attend professional beauty shows AKA hair shows
on an ongoing basis. These shows do not educate us with chemistry behind store purchased products, only professional products. Therefore, we only
use professional products when performing any service.

We also specialized in
dimensional foil highlighting and designer hair cuts. Why not visit our hair coloring or hair cut page while you're here! Call today
GULFPORT HAIR SALONS phone # 228-832-2240

Other specialized salon services include;
Airbrush tanning, hair cut, keratin treatments, permanent straightening, foil hair color and hair styling wedding hair styles (updos, curls).
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New permanent wave technology - The new age of perms. Add curls or wave to the hair with out over processing the hair. Your hair is made of approximately 90% protein (called keratin).
During any chemical process protein is robbed from the hair leaving the hair with "holes", like swiss cheese. This can leave the hair in a brittle state (damaged). We are able to add protein
(keratin) back into the hair during the perm process, filling the "holes", thus strengthening the hair! Add this keratin replenishment technology to your wave service starting at only $30!

This new salon keratin perm technology is designed to provide soft, natural and healthy looking waves. This unique technology and gentle formula contains no thio (thioglycate, a relaxing
agent), and utilizes natural Cysteamine, a natural amino acid, to realign the hair’s internal bonds to create a soft, sensuous wave while replenishing the hair with lost keratin. This gentle
formula is safe for color-treated hair and incorporates Keratin Fusion Restructurizing Serum to infuse hair with silk and human hair keratin amino acids which strengthen, protect and add
This is not certainly your grandmother’s perm!

Basic perms or body waves $65 & up

Spiral perms $85 & up

NEW Keratin waves $95 & up

Substitute a traditional perm with the new keratin wave technology add $30 & up

Add a 48 hour pre-perm salon treatment service. This prepares your hair for the chemical service adding protein (keratin) and moisture into the hair 48 hours prior to the perm/body
wave service. $20 - $40 depending upon the length and thickness of your hair

Call today for your free perm or wave consultation appointment 228-832-2240

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Perms have come a long way since the 80's. These days perms can be fine tuned to give you exactly the type of curl or wave that you
desire. Perms and body waves add volume to fine limp hair giving it  much thicker appearance. They can also add "run way" style to
otherwise lifeless hair. The type of curls available range from subtle loose and sexy waves to ringlets, to corkscrew type curls.

A body wave is a very loose curl that adds larger curls or waves in the hair. Beach locks flowing loose waves. Both are becoming
increasingly more popular among celebrities and the younger age groups.

A perm/wave changes the structural bonds of your hair in order to re-shape it into the desired curl or wave.
After receiving a perm/wave, the hair can't be shampooed for 1-3 days depending upon the type of perm used and your hair type.

The best time to get a perm is when you have a few days off from work, school or social activities.
A curl is a lock of hair that flows in uniform in an "S" shaped pattern. If this lock of hair separates, it creates a thicker appearance.
Finding the right amount of separation can be challenging to a new perm client for the first few days. If the curl becomes separated too
much, you will battle frizz. If the curl "clumps" up too much, you encounter a "spaghetti string" appearance.
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